Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Favorite Halloween Songs To Play on Guitar

1. Dont Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult), One of my all time favorites! This song is super easy and the main riff NEVER gets old.

2. Cemetary Gates (Pantera) One of the greatest transition songs I know of on guitar. The beginning is slow and kind of sad first riff. Then comes the heavy metal almost screamo part of the song that gives it a really serious edge, which makes playing extremely fun.

3.The Halloween Them, The is a classic and this list  wouldn't be complete without it. Its super catchy and has maybe the most spine tingling melody ever. There are many ways to play it but with mid distortion and a good amount of re verb makes it an optimal choice for a great halloween guitar tune.

4. Monster Mash (Various Artist) is my favorite Halloween kids song that I can think of, and the best part is that its also the easiest (by far) to play on guitar. Simply G, F, C,D.

5. No More Tears (Ozzy) I know its not a straight up Halloween song but it makes you think of something dark and insane. The Riffs are deep and extreme, just what a metal guitarist like myself loves.

6. Vampires (G Smack) This is a sick song, that is extremely creepy and is Great! for Halloween. I love this one.

7. Halloween (King Diamond) One of the most well known Halloween Metal songs around. A classic, check it out!

8. Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden) Bone chilling! thats all I can about this one. if you wanna freak somebody out play this one with your favorite effects.

9. Raining Blood (Slayer) The title screams Halloween already but on top of that it has maybe the most ripping Solo Riffs around, Its well worth a play.

10. Welcome To My Nightmare (Alice Cooper) A great Alice Cooper song, Talking about haunting is a sure fit for Halloween.

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