Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Best Halloween Costumes From Movies!

1. Forest Gump, Easy, awesome costume! All you need is a whit/peach colored dinner jacket, blue shirt underneath, dress pants, maybe even a red hat too :-) Plus, friends of yours can dress up as Forest's friends. That would be the hit of the Halloween party for sure :)

2. Terminator 2, Arnold, or the T1000 (bad guy). For The Terminator, all you would need is black pants, Black leather jacket, cool black shades, shotgun replica (airsoft gun), and black boots. The T1000, you would need a cop uniform, a pistol, and if you wanna get fancy maybe some metal objects to go over your arms (to make it look more like the T1000) to really stand out. This is a safe bet, and maybe a friend or relative can be either the Terminator or T1000 along with you :)

3. Rocky Balboa, The most classic Hollywood boxer of all time. You would only need a grey long sleeved shirt, some black gloves, a nice hat, and maybe some  makeup to had to this great costume.

4. Bane for the Dark Night Rises. This one will cost alot of money but you will be the one who makes people say' "I wish I had that costume." You can find the materials online, Just thought I would share the idea :-)

5. Ace Ventura Pet Dtective. A Hawaiian style shirt, Jeans, And hair that be shaped into a Fo-hawk and you will be good to go :)

6.Top Gun Fighter, A fighter suit, aviator glasses, and a cool hairstyle, and you will be looking good.

7. Ryan Gosling form Drive, A jacket with a scorpion on the back is pretty much it, and yet at the same time so spectacular. Theres only one movie this costume can  represent, this one is our most unique.

8. Abraham Lincoln (Vampire Hunter). This one is sure to help you have a great night. This character is bad to the bone, if you have seen the movie you will know it even more. You will need a top hat, a Victorian coat, a white dress shirt, and a toy axe (or real).

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