Tuesday, June 12, 2012

James Bond Skyfall 2012 Official HD Movie Trailer and Overview

PhotobucketThis is the first official trailer for Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond Film. This film is produced by Eon productions for MGM, Columbia Pictures, and Sony Entertainment. This film is the third Bond film with Daniel Craig as James Bond. Javier Bardem will be the villain in this film and will be further introduced in October 2012. This film is directed by Sam Mendes who is expected to bring back the more classic James Bond in this film. So far we know James Bond will be driving a classic Aston Martin, Land Rover, and much more in this action packed thrill ride.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus Movie Reveiw and Synopsis 2012

I recently saw the new alien prequel Prometheus. I would give this a 4.3 stars simply because of the creativity and extreme scenarios that will blow your mind. This movie has more twist and turns then any movie I have seen in a long time. It has some tremendous actors that are not well know but deliver a superior performance.

The plot is not really certain but is mainly about a group of people from the year 2093 that are aboard the spaceship prometheus searching for the life form that created them.  They find more danger than they can handle and are creating more evil than they know about. Prometheus is a die hard movie for the scifi lovers like myself.  

Rating R for scifi violence, intense images, and brief language. I would not recommend taking children to this movie as it is scary if not disturbing at times. This is a great science fiction movie and the best one I have seen in years.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lambo Gallrado Twin Turbo Top speed

DragTimes presents an in depth look of the Lamborghini Gallardo UR Twin Turbo Top Speed video.  This shows The Gallardo racing a Nissan GTR with and without upgrades. The Crew installs multiple upgrades giving it full performance. This is a must watch video if you love Lamborghini.

Koeniggsegg Hypercars Racing

Koeniggsegg Hypercar racing fast. fast driving Keoniggsegg. super cars

Aston Martin Virage 2012

 James Bond pretty much has is name marked all over an Aston Martin and really they just define class. The new Virage has a classic design with extreme performance. Its an absolute dream for Aston Martin lovers like myself. This video gives you a close look at everything about this car, its a great one.