Friday, February 24, 2012

Drive Movie Review

Drive is without a doubt my favorite movie of all time.  The pace of the movie jumps from slow to turbocharged then to like a dreamy phase, and that's what makes this movie so unique.  It has plenty of intensity as it's car chase scenes blow away anything that has ever been filmed.  The soundtrack of this film was very unusual also with its smooth electronic and dream like playlist.  Ryan Gosling  was the perfect fit for the role and the fact that he did all of his own stunts with make your head spin.  Drive is the perfect movie for those who love something out of the ordinary.



  1. My boyfriend wanted to order Drive through his game console, but we decided to get it through DISH in HD instead because we get a much better HD feed (the picture just comes across our TV a little cleaner from DISH). Drive is the complete epitome of your site title because it is a great movie, the car chases are great and the music is phenomenal. One of my DISH co-workers joked that the soundtrack was something out of Teen Angel from the 80’s, and I can definitely see why she would say something so atrocious, but the synth-pop soundtrack of Drive works to set a great tone overall. Drive is certainly something not ordinary and it has a soundtrack to match!

  2. I absolutely love the soundtrack and the feel that it brought to the movie. You probably noticed that half of the songs that play on this site are from the movie lol. Drive is a terrific movie on every level for sure. Thanks for leaving a comment Nicole, if u have any suggestions for site or anything dont be shy lol. Thanks ;)


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